Thursday, 3 September 2015


Lush middle paddock
Veg garden in September

Today the last of the summer visitors left and our cottage hotel is shutting its doors for the season. Just as the harvest season is getting into full swing. It's that beautiful time of the year when lots and lots of different veg are ripe, the weeds seem to be slowing down and everything is lush, almost jungle-like. And the weather has been nice and sunny.

White hibiscus
Red bean flowers
The first ears of corn have formed and the squashes have fully surrounded the sweetcorn plants. Maybe we can have sweetcorn here, even in a cold, damp summer.

Nice little ear
Surrounded by a sea of squash
The carrots and courgettes have finally got going, the third batch of beetroot is going great guns, there are lots and lots of lettuces (none have bolted this year) and the Japanese radishes and purple kohlrabi are doing well. The broccoli is fantastic this year and we've eaten our way through all the Romanescos and fennels bar one plant each. Only a handful of French beans so far, but there are still mangetout to be had. I harvested six tomatillos today so they seem to get started as well.

Outdoor lemon cucumbers
Parsnip jungle
The winter crops are coming along
The top corner is filling in. The herbs and grass are growing slowly. This time, the coriander might actually work out.

The sheltered top corner
We had the first pot of the Eau de Cologne mint this evening. This is one of our new mint collection, which has just reached enough bulk for harvesting. What an amazing variety, the tea tastes like a natural Earl Grey. Highly recommended.

More wild flowers keep appearing
Now that all the guests have gone, I'll have a bit more time to commune with the plants. Though there is the small matter of the house painting to be done. Looks like we'll be able to cut back the buddleias beforehand at this rate...
Peacock butterfly enjoying the buddleia


  1. The hibiscus is absolutely lovely! We have never been able to have them here (except in pots in the living room). Our Peacock butterflies go for the marigolds (we haven't got any Buddleias). How tall are your Jerusalem artichokes now? Ours are 3+ metres...

    1. We'd never get 3 metres here with all our wind (southeasterly gale today). They're maybe 1.80 metres max. Unfortunately, no flowers yet. I'd been looking forward to them, especially since I only have two sunflowers this year, which aren't flowering yet either. Have you got Jerusalem artichoke flowers there already?

    2. Oh no, very seldom before the end of September; a very quick inspection tour showed just small buds at the moment. After all, the flowers show they are ready for harvesting...