Friday, 21 August 2015

A few days of summer

The mini chicks are not so mini any more
We've actually had a few days of summer weather - warm enough to go swimming in the Irish Sea (that's my annual swim over and done with) and to have a barbecue outside (not in the conservatory, with the barbecue in the wood shed, like last time). Everything has been growing nicely, none more so than our chicks. They are now almost ready to join the flock. Already they've been pecked by one of their mothers, who obviously has no maternal feelings whatsoever.

Inside, we've got a good tomato crop and the lemon cucumbers are doing well. And, finally, the Emir melons are starting to swell.

El gordo

Outside, the fennels have been a big success and there are some squashes that show promise. The courgettes have only just started to produce (very, very late), the carrots are still not really getting going, but we've just had our first bean today.

The fennel has done well despite the cool weather

The beans have reached the top
Lots of mangetout
Pretty purple-sprouting broccoli
Nice-looking squash, but which variety is it?
The exciting thing this week is that some of the sweetcorns have developed tassels. This means that we're still in with a chance of corn this year.

First tassle
Even if it's a slow year for vegetables, it's been a fantastic year for flowers. All of the colours are really intense - be it lavender, roses or wildflowers. I'll leave you with a picture of our wildflower strip.

From nothing to this in four months


  1. How long till you can expect to get eggs from the newest chicks? Our Emir melons decided to be strictly vegetative this year - no sign of fruit...

  2. I think it's going to be late November before the first eggs - it's a lengthy process! Don't give up on the Emir just yet. I had the same thing and the ones in the greenhouse have only just fruited. The plants in the conservatory are way ahead again.

  3. There is something very satisfying about a flock of mixed colored chickens. Lovely.
    Your wild-flowers look superb as well....

    Oh, I will be in the UK for 4 days in October. Must plan longer next time so that I can come up to see you..Hi to Dr. Brodie from me.