Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Green leaves

The wonder of fresh spring green is starting to pervade the garden. First up were the berries:

Jostaberry - first crop this year?

Gooseberry Invicta

Goji berry - another potential first crop this year
Then some of the hedge we planted two years ago burst out:


And now some of the fruit trees are making their move:
Quince Vranja
The comfrey already looks well established:

Hello, comfrey!
And some flowers other than daffodils are getting going:

Forget me nots
Inside the greenhouse my new grapevine is unfurling its first leaves:

Golden Champion grape
The grass has also grown to the extent that Jim's started the first mow of the season. Quite challenging with all the daffodils around!
Mown vs unmown grass
We've already got quite a few crops sown, especially in the middle paddock.
Jerusalem artichokes, onions, potatoes and parsnips are in there
In the veg garden, the overwintering crops are growing, especially the garlic.

Hoping for a better crop than last year
And Jim's digging away at the rest of the area.

Freshly dug
The new hedges have not put out much fresh green yet, but hopefully they'll get going soon:
New hedge

The partitioned bottom paddock
As usual, the last to produce leaves, and possibly the most spectacular, are the beech trees, but they're still looking distinctly wintry. Come on, beeches!

Swing on leafless beech


  1. Gosh, it looks that you are months ahead of us! Though we saw today something green on both Welsh and Egyptian onions (through the snow...). I'm especially envious of the quince!

    1. Those Welsh onions are tough. We just had some for dinner in a stir-fry. Very useful. God knows when we'll get the first fruit off the quince (3 years old). My grandmother had three ancient and prolific quince trees, which the new owners of the property cut down to build a huge ugly house. Hopefully we can redress this here!