Monday, 26 October 2015

Two-year mark

This is where we're at two years after moving here:
Middle paddock 2 years ago - a rough paddock was all it was
On the way to being an orchard
The veg garden 2 years ago - you couldn't see the beds
And today
House and patio area 2 years ago
And today
House and weed fest at the south-east corner 2 years ago
Heather slope and black face today
'The Glen' 2 years ago
Natural regeneration after the weeds were removed
Chicken housing area 2 years ago
Wild flowers have replaced nettles
The apple orchard with Cedric the Peacock RIP
And today's fowl
The old conservatory complete with ant colonies
New conservatory
Top corner clearance under way
Turned into a useful space


  1. You seem to have carried out a five-year plan in two years! What are you going to tackle next? Doesn't seem to be any major project left... Maybe a couple of Indian Runner Ducks to replace Cedric...?

    1. Well, there's still the bottom paddock to sort out, two thirds of the house to renovate, wood shelter to build, polytunnel to erect... I think it will be a five-year project, after all.

    2. And don't forget the sauna...