Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Plant shuffle

Everything is late this year, about two weeks later than last year. Our trees still don't all have leaves, though they are getting there.

One of the beech trees is going for it.
Temperatures have not risen much but enough at night for the big plant reshuffle. The tomatoes have mostly gone into the greenhouse.

The tomatoes: Tigerella, Ailsa Craig, Black Sea Man and Moneymaker
And the squashes and cucumbers have migrated into their places in the conservatory. The conservatory is a very pleasant place to hang out now, for flora and fauna alike.

Poppy surrounded by squashes
A lot more potting up to do
Outside has not been so good this week. A mole has done his dirty work just two metres from the gate to the veg garden. Jim promptly ordered a new type of trap from France, but this requires setting in a fresh mole hill and the mole (thankfully) has not advanced any further. At the end of April we had one night of frost, which really damaged all the potato plants bar one. First they turned black, then they turned brown, but after a good mulching the first new green leaves are appearing again - phew.

Jim came across this interesting-looking seedling in one of the vegetable beds and we decided to pot it up:
Mystery seedling
It turned out to be a beech seedling! I've now found 17 of them and have potted them all up for use in our hedge.
It's a beech!
Things are coming along in the greenhouse, especially the tomatillos.

Green tomatillos
 I've also got a bunch of herbs growing there:

Summer savoury
Hopefully it will get warm enough to plant them out soon. We just bought a barbecue last week and since then the weather's gone all to hell. Though we did have one great sunset:

Sunset over Northern Ireland

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  1. It's all looking great! Checked with my friend and they bought their polytunnel from the folks below: